Do you find life exhausting and frustrating? Or is it easy and exhilarating? The difference between the two experiences may hinge on something simple: whether or not your life is aligned to your signature strengths. Signature strengths are the things we both like doing and are good at.

Most of us are aware that we are happiest when we are using our signature strengths. So one way to further our own sense of flow and happiness; and therefore forge a closer bond with our partner is to plan a date that capitalizes on our set of signature strengths. Here are some examples to get you started.

  1. Couple on DateCuriosity and interest in the world
    • Plan a trip together
    • Take a class or seminar
    • Go to a monument or historical museum
    • Attend a lecture or book group meeting
    • Go stargazing or visit an observatory
  2. Perspective and wisdom
    • Watch a biography about someone wise or that you admire
    • Discuss a news event or current issue, looking for ways to solve problems or improve things
    • Visit a young person in your neighborhood who might benefit from some guidance or advice
  3. Kindness and generosity
    • Give one of your possessions to someone who needs it more than you
    • Invite someone who may be lonely over for dinner
    • Help a neighbor with a small task or repair
  4. Appreciation of beauty
    • Visit an art gallery
    • Plan a project together where you make something in your home more beautiful
    • Take a walk in a beautiful neighborhood and look at the architecture
  5. Humor and playfulness
    • Download jokes from the web and read them to each other
    • Watch a funny TV show or a silly movie
    • Play “truth or dare”
  6. Creativity and originality
    • Plan a surprise local excursion
    • Get some inexpensive art materials and draw, paint, or make something
    • Watch a movie about a creative person and talk about what made them creative
  7. Citizenship and social responsibility
    • Improve something, no matter how small, in the world
    • Volunteer for social cause
    • Volunteer at a local animal shelter or zoo

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