Although we strive to provide effective and supportive counseling for any problem or client — in terms of committed relationships, we provide “Marriage Friendly” counseling.

For committed couples, we believe in the value of marriage and help couples see if there is a chance their marriage (or relationship) can be saved before giving up.

Our “Marriage Friendly” Pledge

  • We affirm the importance of commitment in marriage.
  • We explore with couples how they might get back the feelings they had when they first married.
  • We believe in fairness in relationships and promote the needs and goals of each partner.
  • We help couples see how the success or failure of their marriage affects others, including children and families.
  • We believe that many, and maybe even most, marriages can be restored, even when partners are unhappy, conflicted, or demoralized.
  • We realize that some marriages are toxic and dangerous, or the partners have incompatible goals and needs, and these marriages should not or cannot be saved.
  • We know that each partner makes their own decision about staying married or getting divorced and we respect their decision.

We know choosing the right marriage counselor is a difficult and confusing process so contact us today to set up a free 30-minute phone consultation to ask questions and get to know us before you decide.