Infidelity Broken HeartWe provide marriage counseling to help couples deal with cheating, affairs, and infidelity and the damage they cause. When you find out your partner has cheated, your trust is gone and your relationship feels shattered. If you’ve had the affair, guilt and fear are overwhelming and you’re unsure what to do.

The first days and weeks after discovery are the worst. It’s hard to concentrate on anything else. You may have constant arguing, interrogation, obsession, and anger. Or, you may want to brush the problem aside, apologize, and move on. In either case, you are suffering deeply.

We help couples get through the difficult first days and weeks after discovery of inflidelity.

Knowing whether an activity is an affair is tricky: Is online video sex an affair? Sexting? A one-night stand? Seeing an escort? Getting close to a colleague at work? Each of these activities can cause pain, because of the time, care, and energy invested as well as the secrecy or outright lies.

We have training and experience in helping couples with infidelity.

It can be difficult to understand why an affair happened. The involved partner may have been vulnerable because of weaknesses in the emotional or sexual parts of the committed relationship. Or the involved partner may have been looking for excitement or a reward for working hard and meeting responsibilities.

Sometimes, infidelity ends a relationship. But when you face the situation together and resolve to understand it before deciding about the future of the relationship, true recovery can take place. In fact, you may, like many couples, find that your relationship is better than it was before the affair.

Free Affairs Guide

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Affairs Guide

We help couples make sense of why the infidelity occurred at all.

It isn’t easy to recover from the deep emotional wounds caused by infidelity. With our training and experience in working with affairs, we can help you and your partner recover. If you would like more information about how we help couples struggling with infidelity, call us now or E-mail us to schedule a free consultation with one of our clinicians.