Wedding DressWe provide premarital counseling to help you prepare for marriage by assessing your relationship’s strengths and challenges, learning good communication and conflict management skills, and discussing topics that will be important during your marriage. We have two formats for premarital counseling: our private, 4-session premarital class taught by a marriage counselor, and our ongoing premarital counseling sessions that are similar to our regular marriage counseling. Both formats are tailored to meet your needs and interests. You can participate in the class, the counseling sessions, or a combination. 

Premarital Class – Happily Ever After

Our 4-session, streamlined premarital counseling class, Happily Ever After, is a private couples class one-on-one with a marriage counselor. Instead of attending scheduled classes, you and your partner meet with your counselor at a time and frequency that meets your needs.

Our premarital course includes

  • Personalized reports and feedback on your relationship’s strengths and challenges
  • Goal-setting to prioritize which topics to focus on during the course
  • Skill-building to improve communication, reduce conflict, and foster connection
  • Workbooks with articles and tools to use throughout your marriage

Ongoing Premarital Counseling

We also offer premarital counseling in which the assessment, feedback, goal-setting, and format process is similar to our regular marriage counseling.

Both our premarital classes and ongoing counseling are scheduled to fit your schedule, with appointments during days, evenings and weekends. Class and session length is either in 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, or half-day intensives. 

If you would like more information about our premarital services or to schedule an appointment, call us or e-mail us to schedule a free consultation with one of our clinicians.