Scale We have extensive education and experience in marriage and couples counseling. We are also very skilled and educated in both individual (one on one) and family counseling.

As marriage and family therapists, we are true relationship specialists. Most people don’t realize that traditional therapists, such as psychologists and social workers, go to graduate school to help individuals with mental health problems. After a few classes in marriage counseling, some of these therapists say they do couples work. But that doesn’t mean they do it well.

On the other hand, we have master’s and doctoral degrees specifically in Marriage and Family Therapy — and we take ongoing/continuing education and training’s to stay up to date in the state-of-the-art of mental health therapy. Our skills and experience in marriage counseling and other forms of therapy have earned us the distinction of being named Clinical Fellows of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.

How We Work

Valentine BalloonWe focus on you, your relationships, and what is needed.

During your first call, we start exploring how your life and your intimate or family relationships are going and what you would like to change. Early in counseling, we do a careful assessment of all facets of your individual situation and your relationship, giving you detailed feedback and goals to meet your specific needs. We check our work as we go, reviewing your progress and making adjustments if needed.

We know choosing the right counselor is a difficult and confusing process. Contact us today to set up a free 30 minute phone consultation to ask questions and get to know us before you decide.

Our Credentials, Memberships, and Affiliations

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