The COVID-19 Crisis has brought a new phrase into our lexicon: “Social Distancing.”  Paradoxically, while we are keeping our distance  from the population in general, inside our own four walls, we’ve rarely been so close to our partner day in and day out.

If you’re like many couples, you’re finding that the extra time you have from “sheltering in place” with your partner has solved some relationship problems. Now, for example, you might have time together to take walks, linger over a cup of coffee, or relax in front of the fireplace. You may even find it easier to be intimate since you are less exhausted from the daily grind.

On the flip side, the sudden need for quarantine may have put stress on your relationship. Whereas before you had work to give you a break from your partner, now you may feel you’re in a sort of marital confinement.

Even if you’re relationship is strong and healthy, when you’re together 24/7 for weeks and weeks, your partner’s habits and quirks, which used to be no problem to handle can suddenly feel like huge issues.

To mitigate this, you might find it helpful to try to mimic your normal routine. For example,

  • Take Breaks. During what would be your commute times, take a bike ride or a walk.
  • Get Busy. Find a solo project, for example, clean out a closet or get out in the garden, during what would be your normal working hours, for example, clean out a closet or a junk room.
  • Make Time. Allocate time for other friends and family by emailing, texting, or calling during break times.

A crisis like COVID-19 is intense. It is bound to bring out our best, and worst, qualities. Just as we want our partner’s acceptance and compassionate during this time of stress, our partner needs that from us, too.

If you are finding that sheltering in place is putting extra pressure on your relationship, contact us to find out if counseling can help. We are offering secure, HIPAA-compliant video counseling over the internet for clients in Virginia, Maryland, and DC during this time of crisis.

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation, to learn about us and see how we can help.

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