HappinessThe Authentic Happiness Coaching program, a program in which Elizabeth Sloan (Caring Couples, Happy Lives) has been certified, uses the new field of positive psychology to help individuals realize their potential for lasting fulfillment. Positive psychology is an attempt to shift the some of the focus to building client’s strengths as a buffer in the prevention of potential future emotional crises. In this view, coaching can replace or at least complement therapy in helping people live better lives and surmount their problems on their own. One branch of positive psychology focuses on the science of nurturing sets of strengths, competencies, and virtues such as future-mindedness, hope, interpersonal skills, courage, and the capacity for “flow” and faith.

The program was developed by Dr. Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania. For some skeptics, any talk about happiness seems too elusive to be valuable; but Seligman’s recently published book Authentic Happiness makes a serious and powerful case on behalf of our understanding the empirical evidence about human gratification and the evolution and the nurturing of positive emotion.

This new positive psychology has three pillars. The first is the study of positive emotion. The second is the study of positive traits, foremost among them virtues, but also abilities such as intelligence and athleticism. Third is the study of positive institutions that support the virtues, such as strong families and free inquiry. Another of the platforms of positive psychology is the concept of “flow.” that occurs when doing exactly what you want to be doing and feeling the joy of the moment. When we are in flow there are clear goals, we get immediate feedback, we have deep effortless involvement; there is a sense of control, our sense of self vanishes, and you lose all sense of the passage of time.

If you would like to explore how Happiness Coaching could be helpful in changing your life for the better, or would like more information on how to help someone you love who might benefit from this innovative approach, I invite you to contact me for a consultation.