We are skilled, experienced therapists who specialize in couples and marriage counseling. We help with many relationship problems including communication, infidelity, sexual problems, divorce prevention, second marriages, and law enforcement couples. We provide counseling to couples who are dating, engaged, married, separated, or divorced. We work with clients from diverse cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds.

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By virtue of our extensive experience and advanced training, we quickly and effectively help couples solve their relationship problems and get back on track to a strong and healthy relationship.

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We know choosing the right marriage counselor is a difficult and confusing process so contact us today to set up a free 30 minute phone consultation to ask questions and get to know us before you decide.

Couples / Marriage Counseling Services


Learn about good communication, improve listening skills, increase understanding of your partner’s message, and speak from your feelings without blaming or shaming your partner.


Recover from the devastating effects of an affair or infidelity, understand what happened and why, learn how to affair-proof your relationship, and begin to rebuild your lives.

Sexual Problems

We can help you work through sexual problems or a sexless marriage, learn about each other’s needs and preferences, increase satisfaction &  pleasure, and create a fulfilling sex life.

Divorce Prevention

Find out if your marriage can be saved and if you want to save it. Avoid making the wrong decision about divorce through a brief, targeted process focused on whether to stay together or split. 

Second Marriages

Address the special challenges of a second marriage and work together with your partner to build good relationships with ex-partners, step-children, parents, in-laws, and others.

Couple Checkup

Learn how law enforcement careers affect relationships. Don’t let shifts, stress, and trauma destroy your home and personal life.

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