Falling into the Pit

Even the happiest couples face difficult problems from time to time that stem from the way their lives, their dreams, their needs, and their personalities, intersect and interact. Some of these conflicts may even seem unsolvable at times. One partner might want to...

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Emotional Bank Accounts

Just as making deposits to your savings account can build up cash reserves, give you a feeling of security, and help protect you from a financial crisis if you fall on hard times, building up your relationship's "emotional bank account" can help you enjoy...

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Strengths Dates

Do you find life exhausting and frustrating? Or is it easy and exhilarating? The difference between the two experiences may hinge on something simple: whether or not your life is aligned to your signature strengths. Signature strengths are the things we...

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Happy Housework

Who's doing what and how much are you arguing about it? When you first thought about living together, did you think arguments over housework would be part of the picture? I bet not. It turns out that housework is one of couples' top three arguments and a...

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Language of Love

I was in a greeting card store on Valentine's Day last year and it was quite an experience. I was the only woman among a swarm of men sifting through rows of Valentine's Day cards, picking one up in hopes it would be just right, and putting it back with...

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