Second MarriagesWe provide marriage counseling to help couples sort out the unique challenges of second marriages. While a second marriage brings joy and hope, dealing with ex-partners, balancing the needs of your children and your new spouse, and creating a sense of family are difficult tasks that can create anxiety and conflict. Marriage counseling that addresses the issues of second marriages head on can make the transition easier for you and your partner.

If you are remarrying because of the death of a spouse, you may want to honor the life you shared with your beloved while also enjoying fresh, new experiences a new love can bring.

If you are remarrying because of a divorce, you may have learned a lot about marriage and feel determined not to repeat the mistakes of the past. While you may want more than anything for your new union to be your last, it may be hard to ignore depressing statistics second marriages and divorce. 

We help couples with the difficult transitions second marriages can bring.

Just as no one is ever completely prepared for a first marriage, no one is ever completely prepared for a second marriage, either. Skills in communication, problem-solving, and emotional connection are vital to handling the complex issues that arise.

We help couples balance the needs of their children with those of their new spouse.

For example, many people in a second marriage bring children from their earlier relationships. Unlike other newlyweds, who have time to settle in before they have children, people in second marriages may become stepparents the minute they say “I do.” They and the children have little time to adjust to being in a blended family.

Even when there are no children involved, new spouses are instantly members of a new extended family. They have to navigate a complex web of relationships with ex-spouses and former in-laws who have strong, perhaps unresolved, feelings about your new stepfamily.

We help couples navigate complex extended family relationships. 

It takes a long time for partners in second marriages to feel like family. Managing the expectations of everyone involved, knowing where to set boundaries, and protecting your new marriage from overwhelming stress are important tasks that can make or break your relationship. There are no road maps that can answer every question.

Having a forum in which to sort through the issues in your second marriage is a key to success. If you would like more information on how we help couples in a second marriage, call us or E-mail us now to ask questions and schedule a free consultation with one of our clinicians.