We are highly trained, experienced therapists who offer focused, solutions-based counseling in three broad categories: Premarital, Couples, and Positive Psychology. We work with those dating, engaged, married, separated, divorced, remarried — or individuals.

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All are welcome. We work with people from diverse cultural, ethnic, and racial backgrounds, as well as all sexual orientations. We conduct sessions with one person, a couple, or a whole family, depending on our clients’ needs.

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By virtue of our extensive experience and advanced training, we quickly and effectively help you solve problems and get back on a happy and healthy track as quickly as possible.

We offer secure, online, internet counseling for people living in MD, VA, and DC. We know choosing the right counselor is a difficult and confusing process so contact us today to set up a free 30 minute phone consultation to ask questions and get to know us before you decide.

Counseling Categories

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Studies show that couples who learn proven relationship skills and increase their understanding of each other before marriage have happier, stronger marriages that last.

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Couples today expect their relationship to meet all of their emotional, sexual, financial, social, and spiritual needs. It’s no wonder that many people are unhappy in their relationship.

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Research shows that positive psychology techniques make people happier, find more meaning in their lives, and create more positivity in their relationships.

Fall in love all over again.