Sexual ProblemsWe provide marriage counseling and individual therapy for those struggling with sexual problems, such as PE, ED, and painful or infrequent sex, and the pain they cause in a relationship. When one or both partners has sexual problems, sex becomes the focus of arguments and emotional distancing, putting the relationship at risk. 

We help bring sexual problems out in the open so they can be resolved.

We help you explore the main factors that often create sexual problems, such as relationship factors, psychological factors, physical factors, or a combination.

  • Relationship Factors

We assess how your overall relationship may affect your sex life. Sometimes, the problem is that you and your partner haven’t talked openly about your sexual needs. Other times, one or both of you haven’t developed the sexual awareness and skills needed to support a healthy sexual relationship. Or you may feel emotionally and physically neglected by your partner, shutting down your sexual feelings.

  • Psychological Factors

We check whether psychological factors, such as guilt, anxiety, or negative beliefs about sex, are getting in the way. We look at your beliefs, assumptions, and expectations about sex, and what you may have learned about sex from your family, religious upbringing, or past relationships.

  • Physical Factors

We look for possible physical causes of sexual problems, including, blood pressure problems, medication side effects, low testosterone, or simply getting older. We refer you to medical professionals to rule out physical problems that may need attention.

We provide a combination of marriage counseling and individual therapy as needed.

Some of the sexual disorders we work with include

    • Low Sex Desire or Sexless Marriage
    • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
    • Premature Ejaculation (PE)
    • Painful Intercourse (Dyspareunia)
    • Inability to Orgasm (Anorgasmia)

After a careful assessment, we give you feedback about your situation and form an action plan to address it. We often provide a combination of marriage counseling and individual counseling for one or both partners so they can sort parts of the problem in private. We emphasize behavioral solutions to help you learn how to talk about your sex life, bring back affectionate and playful touch, and please each other sexually.

We help couples build a healthy, loving, and passionate sexual relationship.

If you would like more information about how we help couples struggling with sexual problems, call us now or E-mail us to schedule a free, confidential phone consultation with one of our clinicians.