Birds Not CommunicatingWe help couples learn better communication and get to the deeper issues that fuel arguments. We teach relationship skills to restore connection, love and passion. Every couple has communication problems from time to time. When your arguments get worse and communication breaks down, the relationship can feel like a combat zone. We believe that if you learn to communicate better, you can make your relationship the best its ever been.

We help couples get to the deeper issues that fuel the arguments.

If you’re having the same arguments over and over, it’s probable that underneath the anger and withdrawal is a world of hurt feelings, disappointments, and fears that get triggered, but are never expressed.

We teach couples to speak openly, with kindness and respect.

Words are birds, as the saying goes. Once they leave your mouth, your words either build up or tear down the relationship. Speaking with kindness and respect, even when you are angry, is the key to getting your partner to listen to you. 

We teach couples how to really listen to each other.

It’s hard to listen when you strongly disagree. Your own agenda prevents you from concentrating on what your partner is saying. When you listen with respect, however, your partner can feel safe enough to open up and tell you what they need to feel better and solve the problems.

Good communication brings back connection, love, and passion.

Learning to communicate well is the single most important thing you can do for your relationship. It doesn’t take long to re-establish positive feelings and fill each other’s emotional bank accounts when you practice new skills in speaking and listening.

While we teach a variety of communication techniques, we often use the work of John Gottman, who wrote The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work, Susan Johnson, who wrote Hold Me Tight, and Harville Hendrix, who wrote Getting the Love You Want, as part of our tool kit.

If you would like more information how we can help you with communication, call us or e-mail us to schedule a free, confidential phone consultation with one of our clinicians.