We provide premarital counseling services, classes and counseling for all couples to learn how to communicate effectively and to discuss expectations about lifestyle, career, faith, parenting, money, and sex. We also help couples with prenuptial agreements, second marriages, and blended families. You can find out more about our premarital services in the links below.

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By virtue of our extensive experience and advanced training, we quickly and effectively help couples solve their relationship problems and get back on track to a strong and healthy relationship.

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Premarital Counseling Services

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Couples who prepare for marriage are able to start off right. We offer premarital counseling both as traditional counseling and as a four-session, private class with workbook. 


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Second marriages can be both rewarding & difficult. Most are hopeful that their second marriage will last, however second marriages can be more fragile than the first.

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A prenup is a financial instrument. As such, it is neither good nor bad. How a prenup is used, however, can either strengthen the marriage or ultimately doom it.


Get ideas on how you and your partner can solve problems, feel more satisfied, become happier, and build a better more fulfilling relationship.

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