Money ProblemsWe help couples who are struggling with money problems. You and your partner may have very different approaches to saving, spending, earning, or defining an acceptable lifestyle. You save, but your partner spends. You hate debt, but your partner carries a balance. 

When you try to discuss your money problems, you end up going in circles. Anything, from a brown bag lunch to a million-dollar mansion, can become a battleground for conflict over money.

These arguments aren’t really about dollars and cents. Money is symbolic. It touches our highest hopes and our deepest fears about security, status, pleasure, and freedom.

We help you stop arguing about money problems.

The truth is that we all have a unique set of personal beliefs, our “money personality,” that governs how we handle our finances. We develop a money personality early in life, when we observe, and are directly affected by, how our family earned, saved, spent, and thought about money.

When you uncover your feelings and beliefs about money, and discuss them with clarity and respect, the two of you can find ways to resolve your differences and start working as a financial team.

We help you understand your feelings and beliefs about money.

Using communication tools and financial exercises, we help you see your patterns of earning, spending, and saving, so you can create a road map for achieving your goals.

We help you prepare to reach your financial goals.

We have training and experience with helping couples and individuals with the emotional side of solving money problems. We are marriage therapists, not financial advisors. We can help you find and work with an accountant or other financial professional to make a plan to get out of debt, re-balance expenses, and prepare to reach your financial goals.

If you would like more information about how our marriage counseling or individual therapy can help you work on your money problems, call us or e-mail us now to schedule a free consultation with one of our counselors.


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